Friday, June 14, 2024



Modern jazz inspired by the rich legacy of classics, featuring violin and guitar.

Sweet Potatoes is a fearless jazz quartet that bends boundaries with soulful renditions of classic covers, originals, and spontaneous jams filled with vocal scats, violin riffs and a dynamic rhythm section.

The group was founded by Johnny Hargrove, a classical guitar major at VCU self-taught in Jazz. Reyna Pannell, trained in classical violin, is a self taught singer with amazing vocal range. Stephon Larue, seasoned musician and jazz drum set major at VCU, has performed, toured, and recorded with many bands from Richmond to Charlottesville. The group's newest member Brian Cruse is a classical and jazz bass player who has performed and recorded with a variety of ensembles.


Be cool // OMP is the place for peace, love, support and kindness. Critique must be requested.

Listen // Be mindful of what other players are doing. Be mindful of dynamics. It's OK to not play - music needs silence, too.

Courage // The good stuff is beyond your comfort zone. Make mistakes. See rule #1.


SOLD OUT8:00pm show9:30pm SOLD OUT



Doors: 7:00pm

Music: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

21+ / 16+ must be accompanied by an adult

General admission. Arrive early for the best seats.


3108 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221