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Robert Kimbrough Sr

Robert Kimbrough Sr

A son of the great Mississippi blues legend David “Junior” Kimbrough carries on his legacy.

Robert Kimbrough Sr continues the Cotton Patch Soul Blues style created by his father, the legendary Junior Kimbrough. From an early age, Robert was steeped in the sounds and life of North Mississippi and its distinctive style of blues. Growing up, Robert listened, first-hand to Mississippi blues royalty that played with his father at home, at Junior’s Juke Joint Club, and the ever frequent weekend house party and porch jam session. The blues was simply part of everyday life as a Kimbrough.

The Cotton Patch Soul Blues style that Robert plays is a straight link to the music that his father originated in North Mississippi. It is a deep soul sound that can be linked back to his ancestors coming from the cotton fields, singing and ‘hollering‘ as they worked in the tall rows of Mississippi cotton. This distinct and somewhat underground style of blues is rooted in hypnotic, rhythms and dance-able grooves. The Black Keys released an entire album in 2006 of Junior Kimbrough cover songs called Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough. Up until the mid 80s, the only way to hear this music was to visit a church-turned-blues-den founded by Junior Kimbrough in Chulahoma, MS that unfortunately burned down in 2000.

Robert released his first CD, "Willey Woot," in 2016 and quickly followed that with “What I’m Gon’ Do? Where I’m Gon’ Go From Here?” He released his third full-length CD, "My Frog," in 2016 as well as a live CD, "Live From The Hut | The Sons & Friends of Junior Kimbrough," playing with family and friends who were close to Junior Kimbrough. Robert released his fourth self-produced CD, "I Been Fixed" which won the coveted 2019 AMG award for Album of the Year.


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