Saturday, July 13, 2024

Richmond Synth Collective

Richmond Synth Collective

A free meetup for local electronic musicians to network, share knowledge, and play music together.

The Richmond we love is a city of music and art, boasting local talent to rival any major city in America. Richmond Synth Collective is the newest piece of that legacy: we are a social group whose primary aim is to connect local synth enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Starting with gear showcases and open mics, in the long term we wish to bring the creative dreams of our members to life by organizing performances, art installations, and other music-focused events. We warmly welcome you to our first meetup at the Reveler, where we'll gather to share our expertise, socialize, and show off what we can do!

One of RSC's key values is that when creating electronic sound art, the only possible barrier to entry should be your imagination. No single discipline or approach is prized. We value all tools alike from free virtual instruments to bespoke synth modules, and likewise our regular participants range from seasoned musicians to bedroom hobbyists - and even those who may not create, but are simply interested in seeing a little of what the local electronic music scene has to offer. You are more than welcome to bring any kind of synth to display, play, and even perform with.

Please join us for a free, open to the public gathering. There will be table space and power available. To improve your listening experience during the exhibition, we highly recommend bringing your own wired headphones. Our space will include instruments that you are invited to use and record with, should you wish to bring a mic or recording device.


Be cool // OMP is the place for peace, love, support and kindness. Critique must be requested.

Listen // Be mindful of what other players are doing. Be mindful of dynamics. It's OK to not play - music needs silence, too.

Courage // The good stuff is beyond your comfort zone. Make mistakes. See rule #1.




FREE admission

Doors: 1:00pm

Meetup: 2:00 - 5:00pm

Seats and tables are selected upon arrival and cannot be reserved in advance.


3108 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221