Sunday, July 21, 2024

Be-Sides Quartet

Be-Sides Quartet

An evening of vibrant modern jazz with an extraordinary quartet.

Révéler is the birthplace of the Be-Sides Quartet. OMP has been an integral part of the quartet’s continuing development.

Here are four musicians who value imaginative and playful exploration above what is expected. The possibilities to explore freely is what drives us. We are compelled to explore these avenues in which each of us isn't saying something different. It’s not “this is what I have to say” and then “I’ll listen to that musical statement and respond”. Here, we all understand we are in the same moment together and each note is carved into that moment. This moment is different from every other moment. Through original compositions, traditional jazz repertoire, and original arrangements of popular songs, we invite you into this moment with us. Be cool. Listen. Be courageous. Yeah.

“With musicians, it's getting to know someone in a different way, man. It's a different kind of Intimacy .You have an intimacy with a woman that you meet, that you know, and that you love. This has a similar depth only that the music allows you to know a person deeper than you're supposed to know someone, maybe". -Charlie Haden

The Be-Sides are: Dan Young (alto saxophone), Rahib Amin (guitar), Jack Daily Byrnes (bass), Stephan LaRue (drums)


Be cool // OMP is the place for peace, love, support and kindness. Critique must be requested.

Listen // Be mindful of what other players are doing. Be mindful of dynamics. It's OK to not play - music needs silence, too.

Courage // The good stuff is beyond your comfort zone. Make mistakes. See rule #1.


8:00PM SOLD OUT9:30pm Show9:30pm SOLD OUT



Doors: 9:00PM

Music: 9:30 - 10:40 PM

21+ / 16+ must be accompanied by an adult

General admission. Seats are selected upon arrival and cannot be reserved in advance.


3108 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221