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Addie Levy & The Avalanche

Addie Levy & The Avalanche

Addie Levy is a natural born, dynamic entertainer straight from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

At the age of 10, Addie joined the traditional Appalachian music scene learning from bluegrass and old time masters. She fell in love with the “happy music” that was so rich in history, stories, and community. Now as a multi instrumentalist based out of Nashville and Southwest Virginia, Addie is writing, recording and traveling wherever the music takes her and her mandolin.

Addie thrives as a versatile session player and a recording artist in the bustling studio scene. Her journey in music started at an early age, as she eagerly shared her innate gifts of music, dance, and communication with diverse audiences. By age 10, she had already embarked on her musical journey, guided by local mentors who imparted the art of Appalachian Old Time, Gospel, and Bluegrass music to her eager spirit. Enchanted by the resonating tales and camaraderie embedded within the "happy music" of Bluegrass, Addie swiftly cultivated a deep love for its rich history and stories. As the years unfurled, she masterfully added guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and upright bass to her arsenal, solidifying her status as a prodigious utility musician. Addie's journey transformed into a career at the tender age of 10 when she joined a youth band, immersing herself in the soundscapes of Appalachia and beyond.

Her insatiable thirst for musical growth led her to participate in various workshops, music camps, and local jams while also earning multiple awards for her skills. Beyond her instrumental prowess, she embraced songwriting, gracing local theaters with her performances, captivating TV audiences, and even imparting her wisdom through private music lessons.

With ambition as her compass, Addie embarked on yet another exhilarating chapter by founding her band, Gate 10, a musical journey that took her to various stages and venues. As she enters her 21st year, Addie continues to tread a path that resonates with tradition while fostering evolution. Her radiant energy and boundless enthusiasm have transformed her into a sought-after collaborator, drawing the attention of organizations, fellow musicians, businesses, and festivals. Through her music, Addie Levy has breathed new life into traditional sounds and forged a vibrant and ever-expanding landscape for its future.


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Doors: 7:00pm

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