Saturday, April 27, 2024

RIver City Words With Cleve

A social event for writers and storytellers of all levels.

RIver City Words With Cleve

Words With Cleve provides an exciting way for writers of ALL levels to congregate for storytelling, socializing.

How it works:

1. Cleve gives you an evocative writing prompt, curated specifically to set your imagination on fire.

2. You write. Poetry, short stories, nonfiction, fiction – Whatever your imagination demands.

3. If you choose to share, we listen with appreciative ears, and after, we all celebrate the writer and their words.

No criticisms. No pressure. Just fun with words and stories. Words With Cleve creates the ultimate safe space for writers to share their work. Welcome to the party, wordslinger.

Cleve Lamison is the author of the science fiction novel Full-Blood Half-Breed (Penguin Random House), and was a contributing writer to Random House’s former website, He was a staff writer for the television show, Monogamy (Allblk Network), and wrote and directed the feature film Following Bliss (Best Feature Film at the Global Arts International Film Festival). His short film "The Story" won the Denver World Film Festival, and his short film "Jack for President" was a runner-up in the New York 24-Hour Filmmaking Contest. Cleve was the artistic director of the BlackBird Theatre Company in NYC; created, wrote, and drew the cartoon strip Rick the Roach for the Richmond News Leader; and is a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves.


Be cool // OMP is the place for peace, love, support and kindness. Critique must be requested.

Listen // Be mindful of what other players are doing. Be mindful of dynamics. It's OK to not play - music needs silence, too.

Courage // The good stuff is beyond your comfort zone. Make mistakes. See rule #1.


8:00PM SOLD OUT2:30pm workshop9:30pm SOLD OUT


$20 (includes a beverage)

Doors: 2:00pm

Workshop: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

21+ / 16+ must be accompanied by an adult


3108 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221